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Contact Information
If you have any thoughts or questions, we can be reached by email at matchingbathtowels(a)gmail.com or by phone at (415) 285-0690.

We are registered at Crate and Barrel, Amazon.com, and Macy's.

Post wedding note: our friend James Yu made a short movie (with his cell phone camera!) of the ceremony, reception and dancing afterward. He posted both a small (7.5 mb) and large (21.8 mb) version.

Also, photos from wedding events have been posted online by a number of our friends and families:

  • Josh and Tweeny, with captions!
  • Inok, who took pics of the bridal shower (requires log-in)
  • Michelle, with photos of family gatherings (also requries log-in)
  • Sophia, who took a few b&w images -- tastefully done!
  • Us! These photos were taken primarily by Brian Jang and the others among whom my camera circulated during the wedding

Thanks to everyone for sharing!

February 1999
merpegicorn! with hearts instead of eyes!